Hello Glamourz, 

My name is Sheena Alise Cobb, as known as Alise. I am Black Deaf woman, Born and raised in Richmond, VA. Since 8 years old, I have had a liking to style hair such as braiding and creative different styles. I have looked up my mother being a hairstylist and watched her works so much so that i have followed in her footstep. I have done ton of hairstyles in high school for any events. It was so much fun and very satisfying to see my outcomes. Becoming a hairstylist has always been my passion. I enrolled Regency Beauty Institutes in 2014 and graduated the following year. 

I am a Natural Stylist & Braider Assistant at Georgia Hair Salon since 2017. 


Alise being my middle name and I believe people are beautiful with any braids, weave wigs and homemade crochets I have had done over the years. My confidence has increased and to draw more clienteles. I want Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Hearing to collaborate together. In result, Alise’s Glamourz was born.

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