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Meet Sheena

Sheena Cobb | Owner

This is Sheena Alise William. She is known as Alise and the owner of Alise's Glamourz. Sheena is a Black Deaf Queer woman, a natural stylist, a domestic violence survivor, a mentor, an advocate, a sister, an auntie, a godmother of four children, and so much more. Sheena started braiding at  8 years old. Since then she has dreamed of becoming a salon owner which led to her officially starting a business, Alise's Glamourz, in 2014. Sheena graduated from Regency Beauty Institutes in 2015 in Nashville, TN. 

Sheena is a co-author of a book called; SECURE A Woman's Playbook to a Life of Stability. This book was created by Amanda Eaddy McKeithan, along with 14 other women who have a story to share.  

Sheena understands the real struggle as a Black Deaf queer woman. The consistency of fighting for rights and stopping domestic violence in the LGBTQIA communities. Doing hair and making everyone feel glamourz is a part of Sheena's healing process as a domestic violence survivor. 

Do you want to feel GLAMOURZ? Book now!

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