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Meet Briana

Picture of Briana Bates | Braider Assistant at Alise's Glamourz

This is Briana Bates. She is a Black Hard-of-Hearing woman who is a braider assistant to Sheena Cobb. Briana is a mother of two children, and one of them is Hard-of-Hearing. She grew up with a passion to do hair. Briana started growing her passion by doing her own hairstyles. She expressed, " I’ve self-taught myself on how to braid through YouTube, and my girl Sheena! [the owner of Alise's Glamourz]". In 2016, Briana attended Empire Beauty to learn to do hair professionally. She specializes in hair braiding for children and adults. Now her passion is to make clients like you look and feel fabulous! 

Briana's goal is to feel unity with everyone. Especially, unity within the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and DeafBlind communities. She believes that everyone wants to feel beautiful and treated with respect. For that reason, Briana would like to welcome you and confirm that you are in the right place at Alise's Glamourz! 

Do you want to feel GLAMOURZ? Book now!

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